Amos Glick


A Man Wakes Up - Short Film
- Writer, Producer, Actor; Festival Circuit 2015-2016
Koocheekoo - Quirky Vegas band
- Guitars, Mandolin 2013-2015
OK, OK, the amos glick variety show - Late night, Vegas variety up close and personal
- Producer, Host, Performer 2009-2016
Le Rêve- Vegas Circus-Water Spectacle
- Clown 2007-2016, 3551 shows!
The San Francisco Mime Troupe - Political Musical Comedy
- Company Member 1997-2007
BATS Improv - Bay Area Seminal Improv
- Company Guest/Member 2005-2007, Alumnus
The JAMband - Music For Kids And Their Families
- Original Member, Mandolin, Guitars 2003-2006
The Bastard Brothers - Bluegrass Shrine Desecrators
- Founder, Mandolin, Vocals 2003-2005
Tonal Chaos - Improv Vocals
- Founder, Improv Vocalist 1999-2005
The Dick 'n Dubya Show - Presidential Satire
- Co-Creator, Dubya 2006-2007

In order from who I've met most recently to my old buddies.

Bejamin D. Hale - Original Americana, Vintage Country and Rock n' Roll
Tyler Williams - Jazz and beyond Bass Master
Hot Club Of Las Vegas - Move over Django here comes Mundo Juillerat
Ashia - Sensual and provoking vocals with various colors of the cello
Brooke Michael - Pop/Indie/Folk
The Beez - Kitsch Pop
Jim Brunberg - Americana/Pop/Lyrical
The Sexy Lilliputians - There's no category that can hold them
Sonya Hunter - '60s-infused folk-pop
Ira Marlowe - Crooner, Story-teller, top notch singer-songwriter
Joshua Raoul Brody - "pop-culture irony"
Micahel Zapruder - lyrical scenarios interact with masterful arrangements of complex and deceptive beauty
Eleni Mandell - A cross between Hoagy Carmichael and Leonard Cohen
Paul Brill - electricana
Serena Jost - Alternative/Folk Rock/Pop
Libby Kirkpatrick - Conjuring heartbreaking voices from Rickie Lee Jones to PJ Harvey and Cat Power
Steve Espinola - Fats Waller shares a bong with Brian Wilson while Marianne Moore buys insurance from Wallace Stevens and Isabella Rossellini eyes Stanley Tucci in Big Night sort of hybrid
Josh Clayton-Felt - Funky pop/rock
Peter D'elia - With his band The Beez - Kitsch-Pop
Andras Jones - Smart pop-rock

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