This is the site for the comedic duo of Amos Glick and Ed Holmes and thier portrayal of Dick Chenney and George Bush Jr. The site is mostly for archival purposes, but there's always a chance they'd perform again.

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"Master comic Ed Holmes (Dick) and his lovable sidekick Amos Glick (Dubya) reprise their penetrating caricatures from past San Francisco Mime Troupe shows in a new satire...Holmes' devastatingly dyspeptic Dick, Glick's comically out-of-his-depth, take-charge Dubya and Allard's ominous Secret Service goon offer some much-needed laughs in dark times."
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"it's an asinine idea that makes for an admirably funny show; but then that's hardly a surprise given the agitprop and improv chops of these Mime Troupe veterans. Holmes's [VP is] cagey and uncanny...Glick's simpleton-in-chief [is] masterfully reproduce[d] in every gesture and inflection. Cleverly crafted...only political satire this good could get us to laugh at the seriously unfunny catastrophes trailing behind (and ahead) of these donkeys. Or rather elephants."
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"It's hoppin'...Amos Glick is terrific as the malaprop-popping, sentence-mutilating Dubya... Ed Holmes is hysterical as the manipulating, tough-as-nails Vice President Dick Cheney. He really looks and acts the part. Scary...Whether painful direct quotes, or improvised bits of comedy, they hit today's hot political topics with belly-aching acumen...Director Bill Allard understands how to pace a zany show. He keeps it moving, moving, moving...a delightfully dead-on, hit-and-run approach...when the preaching is this much fun, then bring it on! Check out The Dick 'n Dubya Show: A Republican Cabaret for a very good time."
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"Ed Holmes and Amos Glick, from The San Francisco Mime Troupe, play the role of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush with astonishing resemblance...a highly entertaining showcase...A well-executed bit of comedy reminiscent of 'Saturday Night Live' back when Chevy Chase did Gerald Ford."
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"...the best stuff comes out in the relatively unscripted Q&A portion...Amos Glick makes an amusingly smug and childlike chief executive, and as anyone who's seen a Mime Troupe show in the last couple decades might guess, Ed Holmes is a perfect Cheney, striking exactly the right mix of stiffness and contempt."
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"It's an SNL-like exercise, with Amos Glick playing George close to the vest, mimicking our leader's quirks with a minimum of fuss...Holmes is a wonder, a dead ringer for the second in command...[they] engage the crowd in a town hall-type revival - Bush innocent and frustrated, Cheney spiteful and pissed."
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