Amos Glick

My debut CD, A Little Bit Sane under the band name Ponder is available for listening and purchase at

Challah At Ya - Jewish Rap
Bass and Synth Strings - Tyler Williams, Drums - Vuk Rajcevic, Backing Vocals - Silje-Marie Norderhaug, Accordion and Engineering - John Jacobson

Homegrown - Available for purchase at

Diarrhea - Acoustic

Diarrhea - Rock Anthem
produced and engineered by Alex Pels
THE BASTARD BROTHERS - Jokester Bluegrass
(Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals)

From The Bastard Brother's Demo CD:

Comfortably Numb - Gilmore/Waters

What You've Done To Me- Glick

Why Does it Hurt When I Pee? - Zappa

CHARITY AND THEJAMband - Rockin' Music for kids and their families
(Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin)

Partner Dance - Kahn

Wiggle - Kahn

Turn Around - Kahn

A RARE THING - my first band in the bay area 1990-1995
(Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Vocals)

from our demo circa 1993:

Jerusalem - Amiran

Red Truck - Amiran/Glick

Funky Town - Amiran

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