"jokester bluegrass"
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"I was thoroughly offended and I loved every minute of it." - Cari Lee of Cari Lee and the Saddleites
"Then there are The Bastard Brothers, another bunch of bluegrass shrine desecrators" - Hicks With Sticks


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Music with Comedy
Tonal Chaos - Improv vocals from the sublime to the surreal. Members incluse Bastard Amos and Joshua Raoul Brody (see below)

Hard 'n Phirm - comedy music duo from LA. They have a Bluegrass medley of Radiohead music called Rodeohead

Henry Phillips- excellent comedy singer/songwriter from LA and he can pick too!

The Beez - self proclaimed "Kitschpop" these guys from Berlin, Germany do wonderful interpretations of many songs (an acapapella Bohemian Rhapsody) and are responsible for us having to learn "You Shook Me all Night Long" and "The Model"

The Stupeds - The Society To Undertake the Preservation of Endangered Dumb Songs - need I say more?

Joshua Raoul Brody - seminal comedy improv keyboardist, he is a founder of the STUPEDS, sits in with us from time to time on accordian and also sings with Tonal Chaos

Steve Espinola - an old friend of Amos' from Quaker Camp (F & W), Steve, now in NY, is a wonderfully quirky songwriter with a great sense of humor

The Shut-ins - "Hulabilly" from the Bay Area

Tenacious D - If you haven't jumped on this train yet, you better hurry up. Next song!

Stephen Lynch - This guy's funny and twisted (he may have "problems")

More to come....